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Plant the right tree in the right place

Article Published 03/17/2010
March 17, 2010

Tree planting and pruning

We all love the benefits of trees, but once they grow too close to power lines they can cause outages, start fires or create other hazardous conditions.

Tree planting tips

To reduce the need for future pruning, be sure to choose an appropriate tree for the space (especially around power lines). Some things to keep in mind while planting:

• Low-growing trees (under 25 feet when mature) may be planted adjacent to overhead power lines.

• Plant tall-growing trees (over 25 feet when mature) at least 25 feet away from overhead power lines.

• Trees that grow taller than 35 feet when mature should be planted 50 feet away from overhead lines.

• Plant trees and shrubs at least 10 feet away from ground-mounted transformers.

• Locate underground utilities before planting. Plant deciduous trees facing southeast and southwest for summer shade and winter sun.

• Plant evergreen trees to provide winter windbreaks.

Tree removal

Trees typically must be removed around high-voltage transmission lines to protect the safety and reliability of electric service. Trees that grow too close to high-voltage power lines create hazardous conditions that can cause forest and brush fires, endanger homes, interrupt electric service and contribute to a catastrophic failure of the power grid. Work will either be done by manual hand crew or by machine, based on the terrain. In either case, where trees and brush are removed, logs will be left for the landowner's use. Resulting brush and limbs will be cut to within 18 inches of the ground.

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