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D&RGW Rail Trail Project under way

Article Published 03/21/2011

April 2011

Layton City Parks and Recreation Department is excited for spring and the upcoming planned construction and completion of the D&RGW Rail Trail. The D&RGW (Denver and Rio Grande Western) is an old railroad bed that runs through west Layton and is currently in the process of being converted into a paved public trail.

The D&RGW rail line runs in a northwest direction from the city’s borders between Kaysville to the south and Clearfield to the north. The Layton City portion of the trail is 3.1 miles long. Once completed, the entire trail system will run the length of North Davis County spanning approximately 18 miles. The trail will then continue into Weber County and into West Ogden.

The pathway is a 10-foot wide paved trail intended for walking, running and biking activities with minimal street crossings. Layton City has been working for the past three years with Utah Transit Authority who is the property owner to secure easement agreements and with the Utah Department of Transportation to secure federal grant funds. Completion of the trail is anticipated to take 45 days and expected to be completed by the end of May this year.

The addition of the D&RGW Rail Trail to the Layton City trails system will be of great benefit to all citizens and help the Parks and Recreation Department expand the variety of recreational opportunities the City already provides. The "Rail Trail" will connect into the Kays Creek Trail system and further south through Kaysville and Farmington it will connect into the Legacy Trail System, which then links directly into the Jordan River Trail system in Salt Lake County.

The department looks forward to the completion of the D&RGW Rail Trail in May and invites everyone to come out and explore Layton City’s trails.