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3006 - Employment References

Employment References

This policy establishes the procedures to be followed by Layton City in giving employment references in order to qualify for employer reference immunity as provided by Utah Code 34-42-1 and protect the City from potential liability arising from providing information about present or former City employees.

  1. The Human Resources Division or the current or former employee’s department director may, in good faith, provide the following information to prospective employers regarding present or former City employees when it is documented in the employee’s personnel file:

    1. Dates of employment;

    2. Employee's job title;

    3. Job duties as set forth in the job description;

    4. The employee's wage or salary, or salary range;

    5. The employee's job performance, professional conduct and evaluation.

  2. Department directors, using discretion, may direct a supervisor to provide an employment reference following the above guidelines.  Supervisors should not provide employment references without department director approval.

  3. Letters of recommendation may be written by department directors, or by a supervisor with department director approval, when they are positive in nature.

  4. If an employee desires the City to provide further information regarding their employment to prospective employers, he/she must present to the Human Resources Division a signed, written request authorizing the City to provide additional information to prospective employers. This written request must also release all claims against the City and indemnify the City from any claims arising from the disclosure of such information.  The request for release of further information may be made at the time of termination of employment with the City, or at any other time the employee or former employee desires.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Minor Edit, 12/17/2003
Minor Edit, 1/2/2004
Minor Edit, 2/26/2004
Minor Edit, 2/26/2004
Minor Edit, 2/26/2004
Minor Edit, 3/3/2004
Amended, 2/17/2004, Previous Policy 3006

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