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Q&A Snow Removal Ordinance - Part 1

Article Published 12/11/2013

The snow season is here and Layton City residents and businesses are reminded that the City has some special ordinances regarding snow removal to help keep Layton accessible and safe. Here’s a question and answer segment on Layton’s snow removal ordinances:

Q: A neighbor never shovels the snow off his sidewalks. What is the City’s ordinance regarding this?
A: Layton City’s ordinance states that all accumulations of snow, sleet, or precipitation impairing safe access and use of sidewalks shall be removed within twelve hours from the termination of the storm.This includes businesses, as well as residences.Often, in the heart of winter, waiting long after a snow storm to remove the snow from the sidewalk will mean that some of it will have turned to ice. This will make removal even more difficult.If a neighbor never shovels his sidewalks, there could be a good reason – see if they need help to do so.

Q: What if I never get around to clearing my sidewalks of snow?
A: You could by cited by Layton City. In addition, the liability for someone falling down on your property will increase. Your snowy sidewalk could impact pedestrians, joggers, and children walking to school.

Q: What about the situation of some residents who are senior citizens, or physically incapable of keeping their own sidewalks clear of snow?
A: It is hoped that some of their neighbors, or extended family will assist them with their snow removal.

Q: What about putting snow on a Layton City street?
A: It is unlawful to deposit snow or other material in a street maintained and plowed for purposes of snow removal by the City. (The term “or other material” can include dirt, gravel, or miscellaneous debris.) All snow should be shoveled or blown onto a parkway, or yard, never the street.A key reason why putting snow on Layton City streets is prohibited is the wear and tear it can cause on City equipment. The most common scenario is people pushing the snow from the mouth of their driveway back into the road. If the City plows have already cleared the road and the snow put back onto the road, it will sit and 'participate' in the 'freeze - thaw' process and when the next storm comes along,these frozen piles wreak havoc on the equipment when they get hit by the plows.

Q: How early is too early in the morning to start up my snow blower and clear off my driveway and sidewalks of snow?
A: While the “quiet hours” in Layton City are defined as between 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m., on some snowy mornings, residents may have no choice but to begin snow removal earlier. Common sense applies. Example: While it would not be appropriate to turn on loud music at 6 a.m., running a necessary snow blower could be appropriate.

- Note that it is illegal for vehicles to be parked on the roadway from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. during the months of December, January, and February -- or anytime that snow removal is apparent or imminent.

-For more information on Layton’s snow removal ordinances, or concerns, the Layton City Police Code Enforcement Unit or any police officer should be able to answer questions concerning such matters. The telephone number for the code enforcement unit is 801-336-3488. The Police Department's non-emergency number is 801-497-8300.