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The importance of visible house numbers

Article Published 02/10/2014

In the case of an emergency, a few extra minutes can mean the difference between life and death.
Emergency personnel are equipped with many tools to help improve their arrival time. However, the most useful tool is visible and accurate house numbers. House numbers are the  simplest thing a homeowner can do to aid in a quick response. In an effort to better serve the citizens in our community, Layton Police and Layton Fire want each resident to ensure they have visible and accurate address numbers posted on your home. 
Remember, if house numbers are missing or hard to locate, it may take public safety personnel longer to respond to an emergency.
Here are some guidelines to follow when assessing or putting up house numbers: 
-Numbers should be easy to read from the street. On the side of a garage door, or near the front door of the home are good locations. House numbers should be at least four to five inches tall. 
-Place numbers against a contrasting background. Place a reflective coating on the numbers for easy visibility at night and during bad weather. 
-Repair or replace aging address numbers on your house or mailbox. 
-Prune bushes, trees, or other growth that may obstruct the house numbers. 
Layton City Code 16.10.010 (403.6) indicates all buildings must have address markers posted that are visible and legible from the road on which the address is located. If the markers are not posted on the building,the address must be placed at the driveway entrance.