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Highlights in Layton City’s retail history

Article Published 04/13/2015

Layton City has a long history of retail stores and shops. Some stores have come and gone; many others continue business.
Here are some highlights (not all-inclusive) from the past:
1939: Bessie’s (Staley’s) convenience store opens at 1378 West Gentile Street. (It closed in the early 2000s.)
1963: The Fort Lane Shopping Center opens, at Gentile Street and Fort Lane, anchored by Safeway, Kings and Layton Drug. (Safeway left in the 1970s and was replaced by Food for Less and Grocery Outlet in later years – until they too closed; Layton Drug closed in the 1990s and Kings had closed by 2009.)
1965: Stimson’s Market. (It had new owners in 2004 and closed in 2006.)
1970: J&J Nursery and Garden Center begins.
1978: Kmart, Layton’s first modern “big box” store, opens at Antelope and Main Street.
1978: Albertson’s Grocery Store opens next to K-Mart. (It closed in 2009.)
1980: The Layton Hills Mall opens for business with four anchor stores: ZCMI, Mervyn’s, Casteltons and Auerbach’s. (Auerbach’s closed in 1981 and became the Bon Marche; Castleton’s shut its doors in 1987, replaced by Herman’s World of Sporting Goods, then it became Gart Sports and The Sports Authority; the Bon Marche closed in 1993 and became J.C. Penney; ZCMI shut down in 2001 and Meier & Frank took its space and then Macy’s did in 2006; and Mervyn’s closed in 2008 and was replaced in 2011 by Dick’s Sporting Goods.
1981: Ernst Home Center begins, just north of the Layton Hills Mall. (It closed in 1996.)
1986: Ream’s Grocery Store opens on Main Street. (It closed in 2011.)
1988: Shopko makes its premiere.
1988: Smiths Food and Drug opens at Fairfield Road and Gentile Street.
1991: Layton’s first Wal-Mart opens on West Hill Field Road.(A new building just to south opened as a 24-hour Supercenter in 2003.)
1991: Albertson's opens its second store in Layton on Fairfield Road. (It became Fresh Market in 2009.)
1992: Payless Drug comes to Layton.
1992: Granite Furniture begins. (It closed in 2005.)
1992: PetsMart opens near Wal-Mart. (The store moved to Main Street in 2012.)
1994: Sam’s Club opens on West Hill Field Road as the nation’s first converted Pace’s Warehouse store, after Wal-Mart bought the chain.
1995: Future Stop electronics store begins near Main Street and Hill Field Road. (It closed in late 1998.)
1995: Ultimate Electronics starts up, near Wal-Mart. (Ultimate closed in 2005.)
1995: Eagle Hardware opens on Antelope Drive. (It later becomes Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.)
1995: Tom Winegars Market opens its new store at Fairfield and Gentile Streets, replacing the former Fort Lane and Gentile location. (The store would become Dan’s Market later, before that closed too.)
1997: Target begins business, premiering with a fireworks show.
1997: Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble Bookstore and Old Navy store all open their doors near the Target store.
1998: Original Deseret Industries store in Layton begins operations. (Relocates to a new facility in 2008.)
2000: Stein Mart, north of Layton Hills Mall. (It closed in 2003.)
2001: Lowe’s Home Improvement starts up, taking over the Eagle Hardware building.
2001: Savers Thrift Store.
2002: Bed Bath and Beyond premieres on Main Street. (It moved to the north end of Layton in 2011.)
2003: Big Lots opens north of the Layton Hills Mall. (About a decade later it moved to Main Street.)
2004: Home Depot.
2004: Neighborhood Wal-Mart on Highway 193.
2004: Kohl’s .
2006: Hobby Lobby.
2007: Ashley Furniture.
2010: C-A-L Ranch Stores.
2010: Dick’s Sporting Goods.
2012: PetsMart moves to Main Street.
2013: Red Dot Firearms.
2013: Sears Home Appliance.
2013: Utah Mattress Outlet.
2013: Franz Family Bakeries.
2013: Mattress Firm.
2015: West Gordon Pharmacy.