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Layton City Code Enforcement problems to avoid

UPDATED Apr 12, 2013

Track and Field Rainout

UPDATED Apr 11, 2013

Find Layton City on Facebook

UPDATED Apr 09, 2013

Windstorm coming to northern Utah tonight. Make sure items around your home are secure.

UPDATED Apr 08, 2013

Severe Storms and Important links

UPDATED Apr 08, 2013

Register your phones/devices on Layton City's 'ENS'

UPDATED Apr 04, 2013

Mayor, two City Council seats open this year

UPDATED Apr 02, 2013

Surf 'n Swim Egg Dive

UPDATED Mar 26, 2013

Equipment Exchange

UPDATED Mar 21, 2013

Layton City Recommends Trees

UPDATED Mar 15, 2013

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