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Part One: Q&A on Layton City Roads

Article Published 07/28/2014

Roads are vital components of Layton City’s infrastructure. They are taken for granted, but residents rely on them every day and in every season.
Keeping roadsides clean and open is a responsibility of every Layton property owner.
Here is part one of a question and answer section on city roadways:
Q: What types of roads does Layton City have?
A: Primarily there are two types: 1. City owned and operated roads and 2. State highways. The bulk of roads in Layton City, about  280 miles are city maintained. Roads such as Main Street (U-126), Hill Field Road (U-232) and U-193, along the south side of Hill Air Force Base are state roads, maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).
Q: Is it OK to skate or skateboard on a Layton City street?
A: No person upon roller skates, in-line skates, or riding in or by means of any coaster, sled, toy wagon, scooter, skateboard, or similar device, shall go upon any roadway, except while crossing such roadway on a crosswalk and when so crossing such person shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to pedestrians. This in accordance with Layton municipal code 10.16.040.
Q: Is it permissible to ride unlicensed scooters, go-carts, mini motorcycles or ATVs along Layton City’s roads?
A: No. It is unlawful for any person to operate a low profile motorized vehicle (such as a go-cart, pocket bike, miniature motorcycle, or any unlicensed motorized vehicle) upon any public property within the City. For ATVs that are street legal, they are permitted on streets with a speed limit under 45 mph, in accordance with a new state law. It is also unlawful for an adult, parent, or guardian to allow a minor to operate such a vehicle on public property within the City. The penalty for so doing may be a class C misdemeanor.
Q: What about basketball poles/standards? Can I legally stand one up inside the gutter, or along the top of the parkway?
A: No, keeping City right-of-ways (Roads, sidewalks, etc.) clear and unobstructed is required by ordinance. In addition, it is simply not safe to play sporting activities or games on city roadways.
Q: Can I park on the street overnight?
A: It is only illegal to park an automobile on the street overnight (1-6 a.m.), during the months of December, January or February, when snow removal may be necessary. However, it is prohibited to leave a vehicle parked in the same place on any street or alley continuously for more than 72 hours. That being said, it is always safer – from vandalism and crime – to have your vehicle parked off the street.
Q: Can I park my motor home or trailer on the street?
A: Parking a recreation vehicle, trailer, boat, or similar apparatus on any public street except for the immediate loading or unloading and never longer than 24 consecutive hours is illegal.
-Continued in part two ...