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Part 2: Q&A -- Curb and gutter in Layton City

Article Published 03/19/2014

Here are more questions and answers about curb and gutter, important, but often ignored parts of the city’s infrastructure:

Q: What if weeds grow inside my curb and gutter?
A: They should be pulled out by the roots, or killed with a light dose of weed killer.
Q: What things should never be put in a gutter?
A: Smokers often throw their butts into gutters, but that’s illegal littering and they may end up in the storm drain system. Snow should never be shoveled, dumped, or sprayed in the gutter, since that’s part of the street and against the city code. Dirt, gravel and other such substances are also prohibited in the gutter. (Concrete should never be washed down the gutter as well.)
Q: What other substances should never be dumped in the gutter, or down the storm drain?
A: Never dump anything down the storm drain. It is meant only for rainwater. Clean up after your pet. Bring bags along when you walk your dog and encourage others to do the same. Don't put gas or motor oil in the gutter. Don't put household cleaners, or paint in the gutter. Don't wash pesticides or solvents down the gutter. Don't wash radiator fluid down the gutter. In other words, what you would never throw into a stream, creek, brook or lake.  After all, that is where this water ends up!
Q: What if there’s a storm drain outlet in front of my property, whose responsibility is it to keep that clean?
A: The drain is part of the city’s system, but if it is in front of your property, the City would request that you take the in helping to keep it clean, or notify the City’s Public Works Department. If there’s flooding or a backup problem, your property and your neighbor’s property will likely be the first ones affected. Taking the lead in doing so is another opportunity for you to be a great neighbor and shows what a great community Layton is. 
Q: What about some cement companies, who when finished pouring cement, clean out their waste and dump cement residue in the nearby gutter?
A: This practice is illegal and will stain the curb at the least and could leave very difficult to remove pieces of cement on top of the gutter (Not only does this stain the curb, but the slurry material from the concrete can enter the storm drain system and potentially clog, or create a backup in the line). Please contact the City immediately and please take note of the company doing so. The fresher the cement, the easier it is to get it cleaned up. The City will then contact that company and take the necessary actions.
Q: What if my curb cracks or begins to fall apart, what can be done?
A: Special caulking for cement can be used on small cracks on curbs, to lessen future cracking. For larger problems, please contact the Public Works Department. They will assess the damage and place it on a repair list, as well as determine the cause of the damage.  If you or your contractor or agent caused the damage, the City may, at its discretion, notify the property owner that repairs are necessary to put such curb, gutter, or sidewalk in good order. The Law states: “If the person fails to make the required repairs, the City may repair same and the owner shall be liable to the City for the cost of repairs.”
Q. Will the City help with any of the sidewalk replacement costs?
A. Yes! The City does a biennial (now annual!) sidewalk replacement project (and trip hazard removal project (cutting of the protruding hazard up to 1”), determined by a physical survey of the City sidewalks, and using URMMA and ADA recommendations. If your sidewalk does not qualify for replacement, or if you desire replacement before the City can schedule this replacement, the City will remove and haul off your curb & gutter or sidewalk at the City’s expense. You would then be required to have this replaced by a(licensed) concrete specialist of your choice. A Sidewalk/ Curb & Gutter/ Drive Approach Replacement Permit is required before the Public Works Department will schedule for this service.
Q. Where do I obtain a Sidewalk/Curb & Gutter/Drive Approach permit? What information will I need to bring to obtain this permit?
A. Permits for driveway, sidewalk, or curb & gutter replacement are obtained in the Engineering department (now available online!). The fee for the permit is $45 to cover the inspection. You will also submit a refundable (bond) amount to ensure the work is timely and properly completed. If you are wanting to replace or widen your drive approach, or install an additional drive approach, you must first obtain an approval from Community Development Department.