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3518 - Social Networking

City employees participating on internet social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), must use appropriate discretion to not discredit themselves or the City.  To achieve and maintain the public’s highest level of respect, City employees are expected to follow the standards of conduct below whether on or off duty:

  • Except in the performance of an authorized duty, employee use of department phones, computers or other electronic devices to access social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) blogs or bulletin boards is prohibited.

  • Except in the performance of an authorized duty, City employees shall not post, transmit, reproduce, and/or disseminate information (text, pictures, video, audio, etc.) to the internet or any other forum (public or private) that would tend to discredit or reflect unfavorably upon the City or any of the City’s employee’s or elected officials.

  •  Employees are prohibited from posting, transmitting, and/or disseminating any pictures or videos of official department training, activities, or work related assignments without the express written permission of their Department Director and City Manager.

  • Employees are prohibited from disclosing, through whatever means, any information, photograph, video or other recording obtained or accessible as a result of employment with the City for financial or personal gain, or any disclosure of such material without the expressed authorization of their Department Director and City Manager.

  • Employees must ensure that any content disseminated is consistent with Layton City’s Harassment Policy.

  • Employees are prohibited from posting content that is inconsistent with their duties and obligations and that tends to compromise or damage the mission, function, reputation, or professionalism of Layton City or its employees.

  • Employees must exercise caution when posting or responding to information, or reflecting agreement or support of an existing posting, as doing so may be interpreted as an endorsement thereof, which may be inconsistent with one’s duties and responsibilities as a City employee generally, or with the employee’s specific duties and responsibilities.

  • Remove any content in a reasonable and prompt manner that is in violation of this policy and/or posted by others from any web page or website maintained by the employee.

  • Employees forfeit any expectation of privacy with regard to anything published or maintained through file-sharing software or any internet site open to public view (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

Remember posted content has the potential to be shared broadly, including individuals with whom you did not intend to communicate. Employees are strongly discouraged from posting information regarding off-duty activity that may bring their reputation into question.  Violations of this policy may subject an employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit or infringe upon any employee’s communication, speech, or expression that has been clearly established as protected or privileged.

          Enacted, 7/28/2010, Previous Policy 3518