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Structure Fire 8-8-15 Quail Cove Apartments

Article Published 08/08/2015

Layton City Fire Department responded to an apartment fireat the Quail Cove Apartment complex located at 248 W Antelope Drive today at10:38 a.m. When fire and police arrived they observed heavy black smoke comingout of a lower level apartment. A LaytonPolice officer and firefighters noticed a small child clinging to a railing onthe second floor balcony. Crews quickly pulled this child to safety. Fire crewsattacked the fire in the apartment as Police evacuated upper level occupants. Thefire was shortly under control and the adjacent apartments were cleared ofsmoke by using high flow vent fans. Crews received initial information that an18 year old male was sleeping at the time of the fire in his bedroom and waswoken up by a smoke alarm going off in the master bedroom. He went to where thesmoke alarm was sounding pulled it down and as he made his way back to his roomseeing smoke coming at him. He quickly went to the kitchen and the smokeoverwhelmed him near the laundry room and escaped through the front door. Heand 5 others were evaluated at the scene for smoke inhalation. All were clearedand not transported by ambulance. Crews were informed by the occupants that adog was still in the apartment. Unfortunately the dog perished during the fireunder a bed. Investigators have reported that the cause of the fire wasaccidental. The mother of the 18 year old was using the stove top and the selectedburner top caught fire due to excessive cooking oil on the burner. She used atowel to pat out this fire out. She described the towel as being scorched andburned little. She then threw this towel on clothing waiting to be washed inthe laundry room. She left the apartment to get the mail at a mailbox andwithin 10 minutes upon her return saw smoke coming from her apartment with herson escaping. Public Information Official Doug Bitton expressed, “Very goodthat the management of this apartment complex has an effective smoke alarmcheck and saved this young man’s life. The bad news is that the public needs toconfirm smoldering items are completely extinguished before discarding the itemanywhere” This apartment didn’t have a fire sprinkler system like newerapartment have now. This would have made a great difference in the outcome. Thedollar loss of this fire was estimated at $100,000.00 with structural andcontents. The renter was not insured. These occupants received Red Crossassistance and relocation services. No reported injuries to fire crews orcivilians.