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Layton City to Partner with Hill Air Force Base for Joint Use of Runway

Article Published 07/21/2014

In March of 2013, Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) and Layton City began a partnership that may eventually result in joint use of the HAFB runway by a civilian or government organization.  Excited about this opportunity, Layton City staff went to work on creating an east site concept proposal for HAFB. In July of 2013, Layton City received approval from HAFB to begin marketing approximately 90 acres on the east side of the runway for Joint Use Runway tenants.
According to HAFB staff, they estimate that an additional 5,000 operations could be available to a private entity per year (95 per week). With a runway length of 13,500 feet, it can support large/heavy aircraft operations. In fact, HAFB was designated an alternate landing site for space shuttles and support aircraft.  
Throughout the past year, Layton City staff has been meeting with HAFB representatives to determine the best course of action in making a joint use runway a reality. The first step was to identify partners and stakeholders that could assist with the development. Based on experience with the Falcon Hill project, the Woodbury Corporation and the Hunt Companies made logical partners. 
Other partners include the Military Installation Defense Authority (MIDA), Utah Defense Alliance, Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCU), Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, and the Utah Air National Guard.  
The next step for the development of the Joint Use Runway is to establish a MIDA Project Area, which would create an alternative funding source to assist with the significant amount of infrastructure upgrades required to support the development. Another major milestone is approval of a Joint Use Agreement proposal with the U.S. Air Force, authorizing civilian use of the runway.
Final steps include identification of additional funding sources, final tenant determination, and construction of hangers, ramp, and taxiway, and ultimate operation by a private tenant. Possible final tenant(s) could be an air shipping/cargo company, an aerospace or large parts manufacturer, or another government entity with need of a runway.
The Joint Use Runway is an ambitious project spearheaded by Layton City, and may result in a model used throughout the country in diversifying operations of Air Force bases. Not only can this model provide additional revenue to HAFB, it provides new high paying jobs to the Layton City and Davis County.