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Reminder: Do not put signs or notices on street poles

Article Published 05/07/2019
The public is reminded not to put any signs, posters or notices on any street poles within Layton City. That would include missing pet signs and notices about yard sales.
According to Layton City's Municipal Code: "No sign, handbill or poster, advertisement, or notice of any kind or sort, whether political or otherwise, shall be fastened, placed, posted, painted, or attached in any way in or upon any curbstone, lamp post, telephone pole, telegraph pole, electric light or power pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, rock, sidewalk, or street, except when the sign is owned and erected by a public agency or erected by permission of an authorized public agency or required by law."
Besides being illegal, some such signs could be advertising scams. Also, some government entities, like UDOT, have a $300 penalty per day for illegally placed signs in their right of way. Posters, especially old ones, can be unsightly. Glue and tape residue from posters may deface metal poles.
Nails, screws or staples, leftover on wooden poles from posters can be a hazard to workers who must climb poles.

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