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Part two: Q&A on Layton City sidewalks

Article Published 06/13/2014

Layton City contains dozens and dozens of miles of concrete sidewalks within its borders. These paths are vital links in the city’s communities for pedestrians.
Keeping sidewalks clean, safe and open is the responsibility of every land owner.
To better understand resident responsibility for these pedestrian “trails,” here’s part two of a Q&A series on the subject:
Q: Can I legally block the sidewalk if one of my vehicles overhangs in my driveway?
A:  According to Layton City’s code: All persons are forbidden to obstruct the sidewalks, crosswalks, or streets of this City, or to permit any gate or other obstruction to swing across any City sidewalk to the annoyance of another; provided, however, that special permission may be granted by the City to place obstructions on sidewalks or streets when necessary for improving the same or to provide protection when buildings are in the course of construction.
Q: What is an owner’s responsibility for weeds that cover the sidewalk?
A: Sidewalks should be kept open and cleared. Any vegetation that is noxious, a nuisance or dangerous is against City Code. Toys, bicycles or anything that blocks your sidewalk – unless it is part of a construction project – should be removed, for obvious safety and liability reasons.
Q: What about trees along the sidewalk, how far up do they need to be trimmed?
A: Trees and bushes must be cut and maintained 7 feet above the sidewalk.
Q: What if I see serious sidewalk issues or problems in Layton City?
A: You can report a problem on the Layton City Web site at: