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1118 - Electronic Device For Elected Officials



Upon their election to office, the City will provide the elected official with one personal electronic device for their convenience in accessing, managing and viewing council meeting agenda information.  Upon receipt, this device becomes the property of the elected official, who is responsible to download council packet information prior to meetings, bring the device to all City meetings, and to maintain, repair, and if necessary, replace the device if it is lost, stolen or damaged.


Approved Device and Applications


At present, the City recommends use of Apple iPad technology because it has matured and proven to be stable for this type of use.  There are also a wide variety of applications available for the iPad.  Some of the benefits of using one standard technology are (1) the City will have some control to ensure that the information packet generated by the City will work ideally on all of the devices; (2) training can be standardized; and (3) there will be less opportunity for confusion in their operation in public meetings. 


The City will fund the following equipment items:


  • Basic Apple iPad;

  • Keyboard, case and stylus

  • If an alternate device is preferred, the elected official will be responsible to see that it meets necessary requirements.  If desired, the elected official may choose a device with additional capability. The elected official will be required to pay any additional cost, as the City will only fund up to the cost of a basic Apple Ipad.   

In addition to the device, certain applications will also be required. The City will provide a current list of apps to download. To download apps onto the iPad, elected officials will be required to establish their own personal Apple ID. While many apps are free, there are also many that have a cost associated with them.  To purchase apps, the elected official will need to do so with his/her own credit card.  The City will reimburse the elected official for any apps required by the City upon submission of the receipt to the Administration Secretary.


Wi-fi Access at the City


Connection to the internet at the City will be available via the City’s “LC Public” wi-fi network.


No Connection to the City’s Private Network


Devices will not be permitted to connect to the City’s private network.

Enacted, 8/12/2013, Previous Policy 1118
Amended, 8/31/2015, Previous Policy 1118