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1006 - Charitable Solicitation Policy

To minimize intrusion into and disruption of the workplace; to minimize the burden and costs to Layton City; to allow employees the opportunity and convenience to contribute through payroll deduction to well established and efficient charities which use the contributions received to directly support charitable services along the Wasatch Front; to benefit society locally; and to make explicit the policies for participation and solicitation.

For purposes of this policy, the following terms shall have the definitions and meanings set forth below:

"Campaign Coordinator" means an employee of Layton City appointed by the City Manager to conduct and coordinate the Unified Campaign.

"Qualified Federation" means a Utah based 501c(3) organization, which is a federation or "umbrella organization" having no less than 10 members. Further, the organization must:

  1. Maintain a regularly open office in the Wasatch Front area.
  1. Use at least 80% of the Layton City employee contributions to directly support charitable services along the Wasatch Front, where a substantial activity of the charity or any of its members is not the support of institutions of post secondary education or sectarian activities, including activities aimed to promote the adoption of one or more religious viewpoints.
  1. Limit administrative and fund raising costs combined to no more than 25% of funds raised for at least the last four years.
  1. Be an otherwise Qualified Federation that:
    1. Is participating for the first or second year; or
    1. Received contributions from at least 10% of the Layton City employees who participated in the last Unified Campaign; or
    1. Is participating for the first or second year after not participating for at least three years.

  1. Disclose to the public generally and provide to Layton City the following written information, which is provided with the understanding that it will be available for public inspection:

    1. Percentage of contributions which have been used for administrative and fund raising costs for the last four years;
    2. The auditing and accountability policies and procedures for its operations, which must comply with generally accepted accounting principles and the standards of the industry;
    3. A copy of the independent certified audit of the most recent fiscal year’s financial statements, which audit results must show that such documents present fairly the said financial information regarding the federation and that the federation is financially stable;
    4. A copy of its IRS 990 report.

"Unified Campaign" means a single annual campaign for solicitation of Layton City employees for charitable contributions to Qualified Federations through immediate payment or payroll deduction, conducted by the Campaign Coordinator at a specific time of year (usually late summer or fall) as determined by the City Manager.


  • Layton City shall require Qualified Federations that desire to participate in the City’s Unified Campaign to make written application to the City no later than July 1st of each year, and to provide all of the information necessary to determine whether the organization is a Qualified Federation as defined herein. Layton City may reject the applicant for failure to make timely application, and for any failure to qualify as defined above.
  • The City Manager will authorize a Unified Campaign to solicit charitable contributions from Layton City employees through immediate payment or payroll deduction to Qualified Federations.
  • No federation will be allowed to directly participate or be granted access to the Unified Campaign employee meeting, but will provide their solicitation materials to the Campaign Coordinator.
  • The Campaign Coordinator shall conduct such campaign at the Layton City workplace.
  • If less than 5 employees choose to participate with any federation, the City shall not provide payroll deduction services and the qualified federation may directly bill the participating employees.

Enacted, 7/22/1993