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The Layton City Budget Process for Fiscal Year 2015

Article Published 03/24/2014

The tentative budget for Layton City is adopted in the first meeting in May each year for the fiscal year beginning July 1.  For fiscal year 2015, the tentative budget will be adopted May 1, 2014. 
At the time of the adoption of the tentative budget, a public hearing will be set for June 5, 2014. Presentation of the final budget will take place at that time and an opportunity for the public to express their concerns about the budget will be granted as required by Utah State Code.    
This public hearing is not the first opportunity the public has to provide comments about the budget. There are many other budget meetings held throughout the process.
The budget process begins the first week of December each year (December 2013). Department directors are given access to electronic files which track historical data and allow the directors to update their budgets on a line by line basis. 
This process is completed by each department of the City for personnel, operations and capital projects.
This information is due back to the Finance department for review by mid-January each year (January 2014).  Once all the new requests have been reviewed by the Finance Department, they are passed to the City Manager.   
The City Manager reviews the entire budget line by line in preparation for the annual budget planning meeting with the Mayor and City Council.
The budget planning meeting is held annually in late-February or early-March. The purpose of the meeting is to give the elected-officials a general overview of the financial condition of the City and to provide preliminary recommendations for the upcoming budget year.  
This is a public meeting and the public is allowed to attend.  Due to time constraints, an opportunity for public comment is not granted at this meeting. Opportunities for public comment are granted at the end of every regular City Council meeting.
The City Manager and Directors of the City continue to review and develop the budget based on direction from the City Council and Mayor given at the planning meeting.
The budget process continues with a more detailed review on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of March in the Council workroom. This is a time for the Council and Mayor to ask additional questions, formulate strategies and objectives and set goals as they relate to the finances of the City.
Subsequent to these meetings, the budget is adjusted and balanced based on the recommendation of the City Council and Mayor. 
Once complete, the Finance department prepares the tentative budget for adoption at the first regular council meeting in May.
Once the tentative budget is adopted, members of the community can request a copy, generally given in electronic form, for their personal review. 
If there are any major concerns they are encouraged to contact their elected officials to discuss them or comment on them during the public comments section of a regular council meeting.
The time period between the tentative and final adoption of the budget, which is generally 4 to 6 weeks, is a time when estimates and budgets continue to be refined.   Any changes in the tentative budget are discussed prior to final adoption.
The final budget must be adopted by Utah State Code, no later than June 22 each year.