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Three new Layton City leaders sworn into office

Article Published 01/06/2014

Three new Layton City Officials were sworn into public office Monday afternoon, January  6, at Layton City Hall.
It was standing room only in the City Council Chambers, as the crowd to the Swearing In Ceremony was the largest in many years.
Joy Petro and Tom Day were sworn in first as new City Council members. Then, Bob Stevenson was sworn in, as Layton City’s 14th mayor.
Councilwoman Petro said she was grateful for her leadership opportunity.
“I truly accept this position as what’s best for everyone in the city,” she stressed. “Layton City is a very noted city in the county. I’m excited to serve the citizens of Layton.”
New councilman Day said he wants to move Layton forward, not backward.
“I’d like to thank everyone who supported us,” he said.
“I’m very appreciative for the support,” Mayor Stevenson said. “It’s overwhelming to see the people that are here.”
Mayor Stevenson concluded the ceremony with some additional remarks and said it is great to have five different council members with five different thought processes.
“I’ll try to fill the shoes of a wonderful man,” he said, in a reference to his predecessor as mayor, the late Steve Curtis.
Mayor Stevenson said economic development in Layton City is crucial and that his goal is to increase the city’s sales tax by several million dollars a year to a total revenue of $14 million.
He explained that he will be seeking to not only create new jobs and businesses in the city, but also to protect existing businesses.
He also challenged the Layton City Staff.
“I’m asking the staff to be more efficient, Mayor Stevenson said, explaining that he’d like a reduction in operation costs of 2 percent.
He said he’s also concerned about Layton City’s number of apartments and wants City Staff to look at the ratio of multiple family dwellings in town. He said his goal with apartments is a ratio of 12-15 percent of all the housing stock in the city.
Mayor Stevenson said he will also be looking to strengthen the schools and to get all governments to work together.
He concluded his remarks by expressing some reservations about Utopia, but stressing that he will work for Layton City to make the most of that wi-fi technology.