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Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company 'on track,' but still urges conservation

Article Published 07/28/2014

The Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company is on schedule to meet its water storage goals this year, but is still urging conservation.

“Thanks for the cooperation and coordination of all water users of the Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company concerning your conscientious voluntary conservation efforts to this point in time for the year 2014,” the Canal Company’s board of directors stated in a memo.

“It appears that we are ‘on track’ to meet the goal to have enough storage water available from East Canyon Reservoir and Echo Reservoir to meet the demands for the rest of the irrigation season, based upon current practices,” the memo also stated.

The memo stressed: “It is however, important that you continue to follow your same schedules and patterns for irrigating your crops, lawns and gardens.”

Any large agricultural operations that have completed their crop harvests for the season are also urged to contact the Canal Company so that surplus water can be held over for next season.

For more information, call the Canal Company at: 801-774-6373.