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Layton Capital Improvement Plan highlights

Article Published 07/01/2013
Layton has approved its budget for the fiscal year 2013-2014.
As part of the budget, the Capital Improvement Plan includes more than $6.8 million worth of projects.
Highlights of the Capital Improvement Plan include:
-New traffic signal at Fairfield Road and Cherry Lane, $110,000.
-Refurbish fire department engine No. 1, $150,000.
-Sidewalk repair/replacement at various locations, $236,000.
-Resurface the roads in Ellison Park, $100,000.
-Extend Layton Parkway, Angel Street to 1700 West, $220,000,
-Improve East Gentile Street, 700 North to 1000 North, $60,000.
-Purchase a new asphalt paver, $165,000.
-Re-plaster the city’s small swimming pool, $110,000.
-Sanitary sewer work, Sugar Street, 2500 East and Heritage Street, $60,000.
-Waterline work, Cherry Lane, Oakridge to Valley View, $280,000.
-Various water line repairs, $300,000.
-Chapel Hills storm drain and detention pond, $100,000.
-Detention Pond, Boynton Road, 75 East, $320,000.
-Replace street sweeper, $255,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Pinewood Drive, 2500 East to 2800 East, $300,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Quail Point, Hillsboro, Snow Creek and 3250 East, $175,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, East Gentile Street, 700 North to 1000 North, $50,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Gordon Avenue and 2000 East, $70,000.
-One-ton aerial lift truck for street lighting work, $118,500.
-Street lighting improvements on Wasatch Drive, $140,000.