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UDOT road work update

Article Published 09/11/2015

Work is continuing on improvements to Hill Field Road and Main Street.
Project Milestone: The construction team has reached a major milestone as they work toward the opening of the ThrU-Turns by paving all four of the ThrU-Turn bulb outs. Asphalt, curb, and gutter in the bulb out areas are almost ready for traffic to flow through the new travel pattern. 
East Gordon Avenue Drivers: Access to Hill Field Road from the residential street network will soon be limited to right turn only. Those wishing to head north or west will be directed to use the ThrU-Turn between Gordon Avenue and 1225 North. 
-Beginning September 21, the horizontal beams of the new bridges will be placed overhead, supported by the steel columns the contractor is currently installing at the interchange. As a matter of safety, nightly closures of Hill Field Road will be in place for approximately two weeks. The on and off ramps of I-15 will remain open, however east/west traffic wishing to cross under I-15 will be detoured to areas north and south of the interchange. 
 -The following activities are scheduled this week for the Hill Field Road Improvement project:
North ThrU-Turn (On Main Street, between Hill Field Road and Gordon Avenue): Crews will continue the finish at the intersection of Main Street and Gordon Avenue, pouring concrete for pedestrian ramps and minor curb and gutter work.
East ThrU-Turn (On Hill Field Road, between Gordon Ave and 1225 North): Work on the ThrU-Turn is primarily complete; however crews are constructing pedestrian ramps, curb and gutter, and sidewalk at the intersection of Hill Field Road and Gordon Avenue.
South ThrU-Turn (On Main Street, near King Street): Work in this area is complete in preparation for the new pavement, expected next week.  
West ThrU-Turn (On Hill Field Road, west of Main Street): Work in this area is nearly complete in preparation for the new pavement, expected next week.
Other areas:
-The intersection of Hill Field Road and Main Street is being prepared for new pedestrian ramps. Work will take place first on the southeast corner, followed by the southwest corner next week.
-Hill Field Road, between Main Street and Gordon Avenue (near the interchange) is being widened to accommodate an additional lane in each direction. Crews are constructing the sidewalk, curb and gutter in the new widened area and will complete the roadway widening later in the construction process, as the new bridge is installed.
-Preparation for the new I-15 bridges: Work has started to construct new I-15 bridges over Hill Field Road. The steel foundations have been set in place and crews will begin constructing the bridge in its temporary location before it is slid into place in spring of next year.  
Navigating Gordon Avenue and Hill Field Road: 
When the ThrU-Turns open in September, the traffic pattern at the Hill Field Road and Gordon Avenue intersection will change to only allow right turns from Gordon onto Hill Field. 
This is how you use it!
For those traveling west on Gordon toward Hill Field and continuing north toward the mall or west along Hill Field:
Turn right onto Hill Field.
Make a U-turn at the new bulb out near McDonalds and Wendy’s.  
Drive toward I-15 or turn north toward the mall.
For those wishing to travel east on Gordon from the mall:
Make your way around Ring Road to 1225 North.
Turn right onto Hill Field and turn left onto Gordon.
For those exiting the mall wishing to go north on Hill Field:
Make your way around Ring Road to 1225 North and turn left onto Hill Field.
-For more information call 801-904-4064, e-mail or visit