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View Layton maps with Internet tools

Article Published 09/20/2010

Sept. 20, 2010

Maps and map data have become ubiquitous on the World Wide Web. Layton City is keeping up with the trend in web mapping by adding new features and increased speed to its web mapping applications.

To access the Layton City mapping page, simply visit and the select the “Maps” icon on the right of the page. Or follow this link. The City currently offers three different means to access Layton City map data:

* Adobe Acrobat format

* An interactive web application

* Map data in Google Earth format

The Adobe Acrobat format is available for download to any computer. Available maps include: the Layton City General Plan, Land Use, Sensitive Lands, Geologic Hazards and Subdivisions and Zoning. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these map documents.

The interactive maps have been refined to include tools that allow anyone to find a local (Layton City) address, the location of a business in Layton City, a subdivision, or a parcel of land by using its parcel ID number. The interactive map application also includes the ability to print a simple map of an area of interest. Other interactive maps include Zoning, Trash Pickup Areas, Voting Districts, and Sensitive Lands as well as Drug Free Zones, which are special law enforcement areas.

Layton City has also added the ability to view Layton City map data using Google Earth. Simply click on the map data desired to view and a window will appear asking to download or view the data. Making a selection will automatically start the Google application. A link to Google Earth is provided on the Layton City Web page if not installed on the computer. Visit to download the program.

Layton City is constantly striving to improve the quality, speed and usefulness of the mapping applications available to the residents. Any suggestions or problems with the web mapping applications should be directed to Douglas Pierce, Layton City GIS Administrator at or (801) 336-3837.