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Landfill discontinues accepting recyclable materials

Article Published 03/07/2016

The Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District’s Landfill is no longer accepting recyclable materials. This option has been discontinued, due to low participation at the Landfill.

However, the Wasatch Landfill continues to provide valuable services for the drop-off of Household Hazardous Waste, acceptance of unused items at the Reuse Shed, and recycling of household Electronic Waste, all free of charge.

The vacated floor space, which used to be for recycled materials, is now being used to expand the new PARC & Save landfill thrift store.

-While the recycling options at the Landfill were sparsely utilized, the curbside collection of recyclables is now available throughout  Layton City from Mountain West Curbside Recycling.

This is a steady, low cost way (starting at $10 month)  that residents can recycle plastics, glass, aluminum, newspapers, etc. Mountain West can also arrange one-time only recycling collections.

Mountain West Recycling can be reached by calling 801-363-9995 or at:

-Layton residents can also utilize the specially marked dumpsters at area public schools for the recycling of newspapers, paper and cardboard.