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3204 - Severance Pay

In the event that an executive staff employee (a Department Director) is terminated after one continuous year of service with the City, the employee may be eligible to receive a lump sum cash payment equal to up to three (3) months salary as deemed appropriate by the City Manager and the City Council. Benefits will not be included with the severance pay, except those required by law, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, etc.

In the event the City Council reduces the salary or other financial benefit of an executive staff employee in a greater percentage than an applicable across the board reduction for all City employees or the employee resigns following a suggestion, whether formal or informal, by the City Manager that he resign, then the employee may, at his or her option, resign and be eligible for the severance pay.

Severance pay will not be granted to the following individuals:

  1. An executive staff employee who, at the time of separation of employment, has been convicted, indicted, charged or is under active criminal investigation concerning a public offense involving a felony of moral turpitude. This provision shall not restrict the award of the severance pay should such a person subsequently be found not guilty of such charge or if the charges are otherwise dropped.
  1. An executive staff employee who has been requested to resign under bona fide charges of nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance in the office.

Enacted, 7/22/1993