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Hill offers indoor air testing to Layton residents

Article Published 10/01/2008

Hill Air Force Base will continue testing the air in selected Layton homes this fall and winter as part of its indoor air sampling program.

In September, information packets were mailed to approximately 840 homes in the area of known groundwater contamination located south of Highway 193 to just below Antelope Drive and from Hill Field Road west to University Parkway. These packets include more detailed information about the air testing program and a postcard that residents are to return if they wish to have their home tested.

Because local drinking water supplies are not contaminated, the most likely way someone could be exposed is to breathe chemical vapors coming from the groundwater, which could enter homes through cracks and gaps in a home’s foundation. Over the past few years, Hill has tested the air in more than 1,600 homes around the base, including about 530 in Layton.

Approximately 40 percent of the homes tested have been found to have very low levels of chemical vapors present. At the levels typically found, the vapors do not pose an immediate health risk to residents. But they might potentially pose a long-term health risk if a resident were to be exposed for 30 years or more.

To ensure residents' safety, the Air Force advisory board will monitor and, in some instances, install a system in the home to remove the vapors. There is no cost to the resident for any of the actions taken as part of the air testing program.

For more information about Hill’s air sampling program or the groundwater contamination in Layton, please contact Mr. Jarrod Case, the air sampling project manager, at (801) 777-3943 or visit