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Wildfire season is approaching

Article Published 03/25/2009

Spring is once again upon us. As the snow melts and things begin to grow it is time to begin thinking about planting gardens and landscaping around our homes.

For those who live in the foothill or canyon draws in the city it is a great opportunity to prepare for the coming fire season.

We hope that we can go through this coming fire season (summer and fall), unscathed when it comes to wildfire. There are some things that you as a homeowner can do to help with that.

While there are no guarantees your home will be fireproof, if you take action to be firewise, you can significantly improve the likelihood that your home will survive a wildfire.

When we talk about making a home firewise or about developing a defensible space around your home, a lot of people envision "clear cutting" of all the vegetation around their homes rendering them unattractive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Last year, many of you received a booklet at your home titled "Firewise Landscaping For Utah." This is a publication by Utah State University Extension Service and explains how to develop a Defensible Space or as the booklet puts it "Developing Firewise Landscapes in the Home Ignition Zone."

This is an excellent resource for you to use as you begin to plan your landscaping for the coming growing season. If you did not receive a copy, or you would like another copy, please contact Layton City Fire Department, Prevention Division to receive your copy. These are free of charge to you.

You can also go online to and search "firewise."

Layton City Fire Department can also help you in developing your firewise landscaping and can conduct an evaluation of your property and advise you on how to better protect your home from wildfire this and in future fire seasons.

You can contact us at (801) 336-3940 or online at