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Layton Detectives Target Sex Offenders

Article Published 08/30/2006

Layton - August 30, 2006

The Layton Police Detective Division recently implemented a program to check on registered sex offenders in the city. This program is one of several proactive strategies the division has recently implemented. Over the past several weeks the division has checked on a total of 68 registered offenders listed as living within Layton City. Of those checked on 53 are in compliance, thirteen require additional follow up, and two have been found to be in violation. Warrants for the arrest of these individuals are being sought.

Utah State code 77-27-21.5 lists the specific requirements of registration and the penalties for failure to register. Any person convicted of a sex offense, be it in this state or another, is required to post their information on a web site owned and operated by the Utah Department of Corrections. Failure to register can subject the offender to charges ranging from a Third degree felony to a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted of these offenses mandatory incarceration penalties are put in place.

The efforts of the Layton Detectives are just one of the ways the division is attempting to curb offenses of this nature. Other examples include undercover Internet investigations that target sexual predators of children. Another example includes undercover prostitution stings. These efforts are to protect the citizens, particularly the youth, of the community.