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Layton road work updates: Hill Field Road and U-193

Article Published 07/17/2015

Work is continuing on improvements in the vicinity of I-15 and Hill Field Road (SR-232). The north ThrU-Turn on SR-126 is now complete. For the East ThrU-Turn at Hill Field Road, between Gordon Ave and 1225 North, underground drainage boxes are currently being installed on Hill Field Road in this area. Crews have poured the concrete curb and gutter of the ThrU-Turn and plan to place new asphalt on Thursday, July 23. Access to the businesses is currently open during both day and night work.
Sidewalk will be poured on Hill Field Road at the end of July. At the South ThrU-Turn (Main Street, near King Street), crews are placing concrete curb and gutter around the ThrU-Turn. Sidewalk preparation will occur July 20-24 and crews are scheduled to place the asphalt pavement the week of July 27.  
At the West ThrU-Turn (Hill Field Road, west of Main Street), underground drainage features are being constructed in this area and crews will now begin excavating the roadway for the construction of the ThrU-Turn this coming week.
Hill Field Road, west of Main Street will be widened to the north and crews will begin excavating the roadway. Crews are completing the geotechnical earthwork necessary for the construction of the new bridges over Hill Field Road. This will occur in the sloped area between the freeway and the ramps. These activities will transition to nighttime work on Sunday, July 19.
-For more information on this work, call 801-904-4064, e-mail or visit
-Work is nearing completion on the repaving of SR-193, the Bernard Fisher Highway in Layton, from State Street (SR-126) to Hill Field Road (SR-232). Additional striping will be completed Thursday night, July 23 at the Hill Air Force Base intersection as well as the intersection at 1000 East. 
Work at the South Gate intersection includes constructing the retaining wall on the northeast corner and continued widening of the shoulder. Once this work is completed, the project will be suspended until July 27, at which time a final layer of asphalt will be applied.
-For more information on this project, call 801-888-1734.