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2019 Fireworks Information

Article Published 06/17/2019

Layton City Enacts Partial Ban on Aerial Fireworks

June 21, 2019

LAYTON - In a pro-active approach to preventing wildfires during these extreme fire conditions, the Layton City Fire Department is enacting a restriction on the use of approved aerial fireworks in portions of Layton City.

All fireworks are prohibited east of Highway 89 based on the 2004 City Ordinance.

Layton City Code 9.64.150 allows the Fire Chief, during adverse fire conditions, to prohibit the use of fireworks in other parts of the city. These restrictions are allowed with the passage of State Fire Code Act 15A-5-202.5(1)(b).

A map of the restricted areas will be on the city website at

Restriction Maps will be at all sales site locations throughout the city.

Layton City has designated and opened up the use of Andy Adams and Sandridge Parks for the safe use of approved aerial fireworks during the legal discharge period.

The Fire Department and Police Department will be enforcing a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for illegal fireworks within the city limits.

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