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Status of major projects within the City

Article Published 12/14/2010

Layton Parkway Extension to Angel Street

Public Works is working to complete the engineering design for the new extension of Layton Parkway from Flint Street to Angel Street. It is anticipated that this project will be bid in January 2011 and construction begin in March 2011. This section of road is projected to open October 2011.

Kayscreek Drive Improvement Project

The Kayscreek Drive project is about 90% complete. The project will be completed in the spring of 2011 by Granite Construction. Work to be completed will include milling and overlaying of Kays Creek Drive from 1850 East to 2000 East and new signs and striping will be installed. The contractor constructed more than 2,300 lineal feet of 12-24 inch concrete storm drain pipe with 22 new inlet boxes. They also installed over 1,000 lineal feet of land drain to de-water and protect the new road sub-grade. The removal of concrete water ways, installation of new pipes and inlet boxes, will reduce flooding in the area. The contactor also replaced over 6,200 lineal feet of 8-Inch culinary water line, connected 98 residential service connections, and installed 13 fire hydrants.

The roads were re-constructed along Kays Creek Drive from Emerald Drive to 1850 East. Hayes Drive and 1750 North were also re-constructed from Kays Creek Drive to 1850 East, and both 1750 East and 1850 East were re-constructed from 1750 North to Kays Creek Drive. With the project there were over 1,300 lineal feet of curb and gutter installed, and 27 pedestrian handicap ramps replaced to meet ADA requirements. We appreciate the cooperation and patience of the local residents during the construction of the project.

Flint & Gentile Signal

The Flint and Gentile signal project was completed by Cache Valley Electric, who installed a new traffic signal with a raised concrete median. The new signal improves safety for pedestrians and vehicles making left turns permissible northbound onto Gentile Street.

Stanford Street & 1200 West Storm Drain

Thurgood Excavation has constructed approximately 3,000 lineal feet of 15-30 inch concrete storm drain pipe and 13 new inlet boxes. The project removed concrete waterways, installed 12 new pedestrian handicap ramps and will improve drainage for Stanford Street and the Holt Subdivision. The 1200 West storm drain pipe was constructed from Gordon Avenue to 825 North and will alleviate flooding experienced on Gordon Avenue.

Weber Basin connection to Clearfield Water Tank

Skinner Construction completed the highly needed 20-inch culinary water connection from the Weber Basin Line to the 4 million gallon water tank. This included constructing approximately 750 lineal feet of 20-inch ductile iron pipe, boring under a canal and constructing a new meter vault with a connection to Weber Basin. This new connection will provide the necessary water to keep the Clearfield tank full during peak summer demand.