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Article Published 03/27/2014

The Layton Police Department has recently taken three cases involving scammers making telephone calls from VoIP numbers. These numbers appeared to be local, as the phone number on the victim’s caller ID showed a local 801 area code. However, the calls are most likely being made from individuals outside the Country.


In all three cases, the suspect sounded like a male. No obvious accent was detected by the victims. The suspect identified himself as an “agent” or “major” of a local law enforcement agency. He told the victims there were warrants for their arrest because they missed a jury duty assignment, and the victims needed to pay money in order to avoid being arrested. Two of the victims suspected the call was fraudulent and refused to cooperate with the suspect. The third victim was instructed to buy pre-paid money cards and mail them to the suspect. This victim did not buy the cards.  None of the victims suffered any financial loss.


Layton Investigators are following up on all these cases, and the victims also reported these scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at These types of scams are not new, as they appear to be variations of similar scams already reported in the last few years. The Layton Police Department would like to remind citizens to never give personal or financial information over the telephone unless the citizen is certain about the validity of the caller. A list of the more common scams and safety tips are available at