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RAMP Grant Applications

Article Published 01/21/2016

RAMP Grant Applications

The voters of Layton City, in the recent General Election, approved imposing a RAMP Tax within Layton City by a margin of 63 to 37 percent. The revenue collected from the RAMP Tax shall be used solely for the purposes of funding City owned recreation, arts, museum, and cultural facilities and organizations, parks improvements and facilities, and programs designed to support recreation, arts, museum and parks. The use and distribution of all RAMP Revenues shall be authorized or awarded by the City Council. To assist the City Council in reviewing requests for funding an advisory board known as the RAMP Advisory Commission has been created. The RAMP Advisory Commission consists of nine members, with five at large members and four standing members. The five at large members are selected from members within the community. The RAMP Advisory Commission will review and evaluate the RAMP Grant requests for each year and will provide a prioritized list of recommendations to the City Council.

Layton City’s RAMP Advisory Commission is now accepting applications for RAMP Grants. RAMP Grants can be used to fund either: City owned recreational, arts, museum, and park facilities and improvements to existing City owned facilities, or to fund recreation, art, museum, or park programs that benefit Layton City residents. The application deadline is February 15, 2016 at which time all grant applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the RAMP Advisory Commission for recommendation to the City Council. For more information on the type of grants available and specific items required please contact the Layton City staff at 801-336-3900. An application can be obtained by selecting the link below.

RAMP Grant Application