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Firefighter Safety Training

Article Published 06/19/2006

Layton - June 18, 2006

The Layton City Fire Department is joining thousands of fire departments across the United States and Canada for the 2006 International Firefighter Safety Stand Down. Starting June 21, and continuing until all members of the Layton City Fire Department have participated, our firefighters will suspend all non-emergency activity to focus on firefighter safety.

The department will respond to all emergency calls as normal, but between calls, firefighters, officers and chiefs will take the time to conduct safety training and drills; review our safety-related standard operating procedures; discuss accident reports and have an open conversation about firefighter safety in the department. The focus of the Stand Down is on emergency vehicle safety—in particular, on seatbelt use and safe driving through intersections. Layton City Fire Department will also focus on the wellness program that was implemented last year. Half the Firefighter fatalities are the result of heart attacks and strokes due to the increase of cholesterol dumped into the system during the stresses put on the body.

“The Layton City Fire Department is committed to serving the residents of Layton City. Keeping our firefighters safe and healthy helps us respond effectively and keep our community protected,” said Fire Chief Kevin Ward. “While firefighter safety is always a priority of the Layton Fire Department, the Stand Down is an opportunity to dedicate a significant amount of time to the safety of our personnel.”

“The Stand Down also serves to remind the citizens throughout Utah to do their part in keeping our firefighters safe. Remember to pull to the right when you see fire trucks or ambulances responding, and use caution when driving by emergency scenes where firefighters or paramedics are helping accident victims,” Chief Kevin Ward said.

Last year, 106 firefighters died in the line of duty in the United States; 26 of these deaths occurred in emergency vehicle-related accidents. Half of the 106 were the result of cardiac and stokes. Thousands more were injured while on duty. The purpose of the stand down is to call international attention to these unacceptable numbers of line-of-duty deaths and injuries and devote an entire day to the critical issue of firefighter safety.