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Spring Flooding

Article Published 05/11/2011

Potential Exists for Spring Flooding

Above average snowpack along the Wasatch Front and the potential for warmer weather have raised concerns about potential spring run-off flooding.  Layton City Public Works has prepared for the possibility of flooding by:

  1. Coordinating closely with Davis County Flood Control;
  2. Maintaining  a supply of pre-filled sandbags on pallets that can be quickly delivered  in a flooding emergency; and
  3. Maintaining a supply of several thousand empty sandbags and sand to further support the County’s flood control efforts in the event flooding does occur. 

Davis County Flood Control is responsible to maintain the streams and water channels in Layton and other areas of the County.  They have been carefully monitoring streams and water channels, working with property owners to identify and remove debris, and providing guidance to the public about the need to acquire and/or place sandbags.

Anyone aware of or concerned about potential problems with streams and water channels in Layton should contact Davis County Public Works at (801) 444-2230 for guidance.  They will let you know if acquiring and/or placing sandbags is advised, and direct you in how to obtain them.

Layton City Public Works stands ready to support and assist Davis County Flood Control in this important effort.  To contact Davis County Flood Control, call (801) 444-2230 or after hours contact Davis County Sheriff’s Department at (801) 451-4150.

For other questions or concerns, contact Layton Public Works at (801) 336-3720 or after hours contact Police Dispatch at (801) 497-8300.  For emergencies, call 911.