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Layton City maps available on the Internet

Article Published 10/02/2008

One of the coolest things to come along on the Internet in the past few years is interactive mapping.

Thanks to applications like Google Earth—the ubiquitous online mapping system—you can see satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth's surface and visually see things like houses and cars from a bird's eye view.

Layton City also offers maps online in a number of different formats: PDF, Google Earth (KMZ or KML) and other interactive mapping applications.

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The PDF format will allow you to view general plan, land use, land use areas of change, sensitive lands and geologic hazards, subdivisions, and zoning maps. To view PDFs, you will need Adobe Acrobat, available for a free download at

Google Earth KMZ and KML formats allow you to view the mapping information you desire leveraging the Google Earth format and search tools. Simply click on the map layer you wish to view and your computer will download the file.

Once you launch Google Earth, zoom into the map information in question. On some of the map information an icon will appear over the map. Click on the icon and information about that particular portion of the map will appear.

Google Earth format maps include: emergency districts, flood plain, liquefaction potential, trails, trash pickup days, well recharge areas, and zoning. If you don't have Google Earth, point your browser to:

Interactive mapping applications allow you a greater amount of control over what you see, and the map layers available. They also allow you to pan, zoom, and directly query the map and data behind the maps.

There is an address and business finder, drug free zones, zoning, and trash pick up maps available. Most of these maps are accurate to the parcel level, allowing you to get information about individual features in the map.

Layton City has future plans that will add maps and update interactive maps with aerial photography and better tools for searching and printing maps.

For questions about map data available from Layton City, or suggestions or issues using the maps, please contact Douglas Pierce, Layton City GIS administrator at (801) 336-3837.