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Part one: Q&A on Layton City sidewalks

Article Published 06/12/2014

Layton City contains dozens and dozens of miles of concrete sidewalks within its borders. These paths are vital links in the city’s communities for pedestrians.
Keeping sidewalks clean, safe and open is the responsibility of every land owner.
To better understand resident responsibility for these pedestrian “trails,” here’s part one of a two-part Q&A series on the subject:
Q: A portion of my sidewalk has an upheaval and rises sharply on one end, creating a bump. What can I do about this?
A: If the upheaval is caused by a tree, bush, or other condition on your property, it will be your responsibility to address the problem.  You can contact some cement companies who can be paid to make the area level again. From a liability standpoint, if the bump is significant, painting it red as a warning might be wise. It is also important to note that if residents would like to further protect against sidewalk lifting, there are root boxes that can be installed at the time a tree is planted which force roots deeper and lessen the chance of them lifting any sidewalks. If the cause of the upheaval is unknown, please contact the City.
Q: A portion of the sidewalk in front of my house is disintegrating? What can be done?
A: According to Layton City’s code: All owners, or agents of owners with property abutting and fronting upon any plaza, street, or alley within the corporate limits of the City are required to keep the public curb, gutter, and sidewalks immediately abutting their property in good order and repair.The City may work with you in correcting the problem. 
Q: Do I need a permit to replace a sidewalk?
A: Yes. Any work that will impact the City’s right-of-way requires a permit. (This right-of-way is normally one foot behind the sidewalk.) Permits are available from the Engineering Division.
Q: Is there assistance available for replacing my sidewalk?
A: Yes. The City does a biennial sidewalk replacement project, determined by a physical survey of the City sidewalks, and using URMMA and ADA recommendations. If your sidewalk does not qualify for replacement, or if you desire replacement before the City can schedule this replacement, the City can schedule the cutting out and hauling off of your curb & gutter or sidewalk, and you would then be required to have this replaced by a concrete specialist of your choice. The City would cover the expense of the removal, and you would pay for the replacement.  A Sidewalk A Sidewalk/ Curb & Gutter/ Drive Approach Replacement Permit is required before the Public Works Department will schedule for this service.
-To be continued in part two ...