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Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Article Published 09/22/2014

Any water in Layton City and Davis County that enters our storm drain system from rain storms, snow melt, irrigation, etc., travels over the ground picking up pollutants.

This water discharges into our creeks, enters our wetlands, and eventually into the Great Salt Lake.  This water is never treated. It is important that everyone does their part in limiting these pollutants.

Recycle your used oil, properly dispose of any unused chemicals, keep grass and yard clippings away from the gutters, store any materials like dirt, rock or landscaping mulch away from the street.

Help keep any storm grates near your home clean to avoid any blockage. Because storm water drainage systems provide no treatment, preventing contamination of storm water is crucial to ensure that pollutants do not enter water ways.

Improperly managed storm water runoff is a leading cause of flooding, which can lead to property damage, cause road safety hazards, and clog catch basins and culverts with sediments and debris.

-For more information regarding storm water please call Layton City Public Works at 801-336-3700.