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Hill Field East Gate

Article Published 07/12/2011

Layton - July 12, 2011

Starting on July 15, 2011, Hill Air Force Base plans to close the Southwest gate entrance and open the East gate entrance; this will last for 60 days. The changes will have an impact on Layton residents and businesses, particularly those located north of Highway 193 near Fairfield Road. According to Hill Air Force Base, the purpose is to determine the viability of keeping the East gate open as a regular entrance/exit from the base.

Base officials estimate that during this survey, 2000-4000 vehicles will be using the East gate to access the base. The increased traffic in the area will occur Monday – Friday from 5:00 am – 6:00 pm. The East gate will be closed weekdays between 6:00 pm – 5:00 am, as well as all day on Saturday and Sunday and all federal holidays.

City officials have been working closely with representatives from Hill Air Force Base to manage the changes in traffic flow that are expected in the area of Highway 193 and Fairfield Road. Layton City had no input into the decision to conduct this survey, however Layton City would like to make citizens and those conducting business in Layton aware of the potential impacts.

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