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Drive friendly ... Pass it on!

Article Published 10/02/2008

Courtesy of the Utah Highway Safety Office

It's that time of year! Back to school! End of summer trips! Cool evenings! So much to do! We all want to get out to the park, lakes, sporting events or wherever our seasonal plans may take us.

The Utah Highway Safety Office is asking for your help—as individuals, as well as a community. Aggressive and inattentive driving problems—which contribute to crashes—have made their way into communities all across Utah.

If we can all make an extra effort to drive with care and courtesy, the number of driver error and aggressive related crashes will be reduced. The following are some tips for a more courteous and friendly driving experience:

• Maintain a safe distance from vehicle in front of you.
• Use your signal to turn, change lanes or merge.
• Make sure you can change lanes without cutting off another driver.
• If another driver wants to pass, let them.
• Maintain an even pace while driving—don’t be a jack rabbit.
• Driving is not a game. Leave your competitive instincts in the game.
• Use your horn sparingly.
• Respect pedestrians’ right of way.
• Adjust your attitude; let other drivers’ actions go.
• Be patient while driving.
• Plan your trips ahead to avoid congestion.
• Avoid multi-tasking. For example texting, cell phone use, shaving, putting on makeup, reading etc.
• Avoid using threatening or obscene hand gestures.

Treat other drivers the way you would like to be treated.

The Utah Highway Safety Office wishes you a happy and safe fall season.

Drive Friendly ... Pass It On!