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Kays Crossing construction ahead of schedule

Article Published 10/02/2013
Kays Crossing Apartments
The Kays Crossing Apartments, 60 South Main Street, are on schedule to be completed ahead of schedule, by the end of April 2014.
City leaders were treated to a 90-minute walking tour of the unique development under construction and no one went away disappointed.
Sitting on 2.7 acres, the six-story mixed development will feature 156 apartments and 3,000-square feet of main floor retail area. Total space is just over 250,000-square feet, counting the two understructure parking levels, that will accommodate 265 vehicles.
Project owner/developer Jared Nielson of Highmark Construction said there will be one and two bedroom units. Rental costs will begin at $780 a month and go up to $1,200.
The development is attractive to city leaders because it will help bolster and revitalize Layton’s original downtown area.
With Layton’s FrontRunner stop just yards away, the apartments will be the most commuter friendly in town. 
Its two underground parking sections will mean that none of the current parking spaces for FrontRunners riders will be used by residents.
Nielson said the development is U-shaped and will feature an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, basketball courts and tennis courts in the outdoor courtyard.
The eastern view of the Wasatch Mountains on the fourth living area is spectacular.
Special features include:
-Overhead hydronic heating system, where the apartments can be heated for about $20 a month.
-Optional on-site storage units also available for rent.
-Granite countertops.
-All lighting points downward to reduce light pollution.
-The development will include the UTOPIA fiber optic network.
-Cellulose insulation, a superior option to fiberglass, that also helps lessen sound transfer.
-An elevator to the center rooftop, where there will be  a garden area, with shrubs, trees and a hot tub.
-The site has its own water retention pond on the southwest side.
The project began in August of 2012. Formerly, three homes occupied the site.