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Where your garbage goes …

Article Published 10/20/2015

The average American is estimated to produce about 32 pounds of garbage each week. That’s 1,164 pounds of trash annually. Where does all the waste go in Layton?
After the garbage truck collects trash, it travels to the Davis Energy Recovery Facility in northeast Layton, just east of Hill Air Force Base. There it dumps its load at the recycling bay. A front end loader moves the trash to a large pit where a giant crane with a claw picks up the waste and sends it to a feed hopper.
Then it is pushed into a combustion chamber. This is where “thermal recycling” takes place. The heat of this “burn plant” heats water and turns it to steam. That hot gas is then sent to nearby Hill Air Force Base, which purchases the energy, to heat its buildings. Some of the gas also turns turbines to generate electricity that powers Wasatch Integrated’s facilities and surplus is sold to Rocky Mountain Power.
Special airscrubbers and other equipment reduce emissions into the air. 
The original garbage is reduced to 10 percent of its initial volume. A special magnet recovers any metals in the ash.
Whereas 10 garbage trucks dump full loads at the Recovery Facility, it then takes just one truck to haul the leftover ash from the 10 trucks to the Davis Landfill, in the northeast corner of Layton.
This ash, plus anything that cannot be recycled, reused  or reduced is put in the landfill. A special liner underneath the landfill prevents any of its contents from leaving the area. The ash also covers other waste, to keep animals out and prevent things from blowing around.
Methane gas, a byproduct from the interior of the landfill, is also collected and reused for its energy.
When a section of the landfill is full, a top liner is added. Then soil and grass are added on top of that. When the entire landfill is full, it will one day comprise future park space. However, the burning process reduces the potential garbage at the landfill by 90 percent and greatly prolongs the lifespan of the landfill.
-Besides the Energy Recovery Facility and the Landfill, there is also the Green Waste Recycling Facility, near the Landfill. It upcycles yard waste into compost and wood chips, creating a saleable product while saving valuable landfill space. 
-In addition, there’s also a Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at the landfill. This facility accepts, e-waste, paint, varnish, pesticides, lawn care products, aerosols, paint thinner, antifreeze, motor oil, diesel, gasoline, cleaning items, automotive products, rechargeable and lead acid batteries, etc. in household quantities 
-Finally, there’s the Recycling Drop-Off Center at the Davis Landfill too. The facility accepts mixed paper, newspaper, numbers 1 and 2 plastic, number 2 colored plastic, aluminum, steel food cans, cardboard, and glass. 
-To watch a video on where your garage goes, go to:
-SOURCE: Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District: