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Update from the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Article Published 06/02/2015

May was a really wet month and we enjoyed not turning our sprinklers on. Although the rain didn't increase the reservoir levels, it helped not to decrease it. That being said, we are still in a state of drought despite the precipitation we received in the last month. We realize everyone is tired of hearing about the drought, but whether we are facing water shortages or not it doesn't change the fact that Utah is extremely arid and we need to be water wise either way.
Utah needs to continue to conserve water, but we need your help. The majority of complaints the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District receives about wasteful watering is for businesses, schools and government properties. We understand large properties are much harder to manage, but these entities tend to be drought shamed the most (especially for watering during the rain). 
In order for conservation efforts to be successful in the state of Utah we need everyone's cooperation, especially the bigger properties! Please work with whoever is necessary to make these changes and to be a positive example to the public, rather than being viewed negatively by your community. 
If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask us as we are here as a service to Davis, Morgan, Weber and Summit counties.
-For more information, go to:
Or call 801-771-1677.
For those who have been doing all you can to conserve, we thank you! Your efforts are noticed and greatly appreciated by us and your community. 
-Indoor Conservation Tip: Only run your washer and dishwasher when they are completely full.
-Outdoor Conservation Tip: To ensure maximum efficiency of your sprinkler system, only water plants with similar water needs on the same zone. For example, do not water shrubs and grass on the same zone because one will be over or under watered.