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Layton Lightspeed” Wi-Fi now in 9 Layton Parks

Article Published 05/14/2014

Public filtered UTOPIA wi-fi access, dubbed “Layton Lightspeed,” is now available in nine of Layton City’s parks.

Andy Adams Park, 1713 East 1000 North; Oak Forest Park, 2250 East 2400 North; Woodward Park, 1505 North 25 East; Chapel Street Park, 152 South 900 East; Sandridge Park, 2555 North Church Street; Ellison Park, 700 North 2200 West; Chelsie Meadows Park, 1401 North 2575 West; Vae View Park, 1600 North Main; and Layton Commons Park, 437 North Wasatch Drive.

While the actual wi-fi speed will not be at UTOPIA’s full capacity, due to limitations in wireless transmitting equipment, it is noticeably fast.

During the last year and a half, with the help of a $16 million Federal grant, UTOPIA deployed fiber communications to anchor institutions within the City, such as educational, government and healthcare facilities, including City facilities and parks.

These City facilities and parks are a natural place to house UTOPIA equipment huts since there is no additional cost to acquire the property.

UTOPIA, or Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, is a state-of-the-art fiber optic network supported by its member communities and built to benefit residents and business.

A link to the website for the wireless access in the parks:

Wireless Access Map