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Is there a 'Layton' mountain peak?

Article Published 07/30/2014

The tallest mountain peak east of Layton City is Thurston Peak, at 9,706 feet above sea level. (Thurston is also the highest peak in Davis County.) However, some residents and hikers have nicknamed the next tallest peak found east of Layton City, “Layton Peak.”

This prominent peak is currently officially unnamed on U.S. Forest and other government maps.

It is hiking references on the Web that most often refer to this summit as “Layton Peak.”

(Officially naming a peak is a long and complicated process through the federal government. However, Thurston Peak itself was not named until 1993.)

This “Layton Peak” is the first peak to the left, or north of Thurston Peak and is 9,571 feet above sea level. This peak is also tied with another unnamed one to the north as the second-tallest summits in Davis County.

(The fourth-highest peak in Davis County is Francis Peak, east of Fruit Heights at 9,547 feet and containing two radar domes.)

“Layton Peak” is 0.7 of a mile north of Thurston Peak and lines up with Antelope Drive. Like most tall peaks in Davis County, the “Layton” summit also straddles the Davis County-Morgan County line.

The “Layton” Peak rises approximately one vertical mile away the valley floor.

Over time, popular usage of such geographical nicknames often become the standard, official titles of unnamed features.