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Layton City has 6 major streams; 3 large reservoirs within its boundaries

Article Published 08/28/2014

Within Layton City are six major streams that flow out of the Wasatch Mountains.
Going from north to south, the steams are:
-The North Fork of Kays Creek, coming out of Hobbs Canyon.
-The Middle Fork of Kays Creek, originating from a small canyon with the same title.
-The South Fork of Kays Creek, starting from what is nicknamed as “Crooked Canyon.” (This canyon is the first canyon north of Snow Canyon.)
-Snow Creek, beginning in Snow Canyon.
-The North Fork of Holmes Creek, coming out of Adams Canyon.
-The South Fork of Holmes Creek, flowing out of Webb Canyon in Fruit Heights, with branches that reach portions of Layton.
Note that some of these streams branch out in the valley, into various smaller streams.
There are also smaller, seasonal streams/drainages within the city’s limits.
-Layton City also contains three major water reservoirs within its borders.
There are: Adams, Holmes and Hobbs reservoirs.
-Layton also has quite an elevation drop to help gravity keep its streams flowing.
The elevation on the east bench of Layton, near Fernwood Picnic area, for example, is 5,218 feet above sea level.
Layton City’s Municipal Center sits at an elevation of approximately 4,400 feet, while the west side of Layton dips to 4,350 feet at West Gentile.
The average elevation of the Great Salt Lake is 4,200 feet and is the place where drainages and streams along the Wasatch Front end up.