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Essential information about your garbage cans

Article Published 07/18/2014

The utility billing department of the City receives numerous calls regarding the City-wide garbage collection service. This service is currently under contract with Waste Management.
Garbage cans can be filled to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. If you are having trouble fitting all of your garbage into one can, there are several options to consider.
 If you occasionally have additional items that won’t fit into your can, you can contact the City and arrange for a pick up on your service day. If it is more than an occasional occurrence, you can order a 2nd can for $8.10 a month.  
Although the City doesn’t offer a recycling program, you can take recyclable items to the land fill located at 1997 East 3500 North, Layton. 
Waste Management owns all garbage cans being used in the City collection program.  Cans damaged by Waste Management in the collection process will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
If your can is damaged, please call the City offices to arrange for the can to be repaired.  If you damage your can due to misuse, you may be charged for a replacement. 
If your garbage can needs to be cleaned, the City suggests washing it out with soap and water in a manner that prevents the material from entering the City’s storm water system; such as a local car wash. 
-Feel free to call the City’s utility department at 801-336-3860 for any garbage collection related questions.