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Back to School Safety Advice

Article Published 07/16/2014

The Layton Police Department would like to alleviate some of the worries with going back to school and have a few suggestions on how to make your students school experience safer.
Before school starts, we suggest you help your student familiarize themselves with the school.  It is a good idea to help them find their classroom, know their schedule, and know where the office is in case they need to report an emergency.
Arrange with your student how they are to get to and from school.  If they are to walk to school, we recommend they walk in groups.  We recommend you help your student pick the safest route and walk it every time.  This will help them familiarize themselves with the route and recognize dangers if they arise. 
 If they are to ride the bus, they should not distract the driver, play in or around the bus, and if they are to cross the street, they do it in front of the bus after making eye contact with the bus driver and know it is safe to cross.  If your student is getting a ride to and from school, they need to be in a proper seatbelt or restraining device.  
We also recommend a password that you give to your student.  Then in the event you are not able to pick up your student and send someone else to pick them up, they can give the password to your student and your student might know you sent them.  
If your student arrives at the house and what they find appears unsafe to enter, we suggest having trusted neighbors that your students could go to for assistance.  We also recommend that you arrange with your student to have them go straight home and check in prior to going anywhere else.  
Layton City Police Department offers a free program called radKIDS that is taught at the elementary schools in Layton City during the summer.  The program teaches child safety in many areas, such as those mentioned above and in self defense against a potential abduction.  
The ages eligible for radKIDS are 7-12 years of age.  The open enrollment is found on the webpage under radKIDS.
Layton City Police Department also recommends parents and guardians review the Standard Response Protocol, which is the protocol that Layton Police officers and all public Layton City schools have adopted when responding to school emergencies.  This protocol is being taught to school administration, staff and students. 
We encourage parents and guardians to view the protocol on webpage. This will help you become familiar with the procedures that school employees, police officers and emergency responders will take in the event of an emergency.
We want your student’s academic experience to be wonderful.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Detective Sergeant Todd Derrick at 801- 336-3428.