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Strong job growth in Layton City

Article Published 04/15/2014

Layton City’s retail market is a regional attraction for shoppers.
For example, the regional market strength of the Layton Hills Mall (nearly 100 percent leased) contributes $770 million worth of retail sales activity, the largest market north of Salt Lake City and seventh biggest in Utah.
However, Layton has also shown prowess recently in new job growth too.
Layton City welcomed Black Turtle Services in the summer of 2013, which brought 1,000 new jobs and $20 million in annual salaries to the State of Utah.
Hill Air Force Base is partially located in Layton City and employs an annual average of 10,000-15,000 civilian workers in Utah. Thousands of those workers live in Layton City.
Other large employers in Layton City include:
Davis School District, 800-1686, employee range; Kroger/Smith’s, 750-1596 ; Davis Hospital, 520-1048; Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, 400-847; Western States Lodging (hotel management), 250-591;. Layton City Corporation, 222-509;
May Trucking, 250-499; Tanner Clinic, 250-499; Elwood Staffing (formerly SOS Staffing), 250-499; Parallon Employer (job placement), 200-498; Davis Behavioral Health, 200-498; Sizzling Platter (restaurant management), 170-397; Young Chevrolet/Pontiac, 160-367; and Weber State University, 120-298.

SOURCES: Davis County Community & Economic Development and 2013 Annual Report of Layton City.