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A description of Layton pioneer farming

Article Published 05/05/2015

Jack Stevenson, an early settler of what would become West Layton, wrote down this description of farming the land in the area without canal water, that didn’t arrive in the area until 1884:
“There was no water, it was dry farming. They grew wheat and alfalfa. They had wells. They didn’t use them for irrigation, just culinary and for small gardens. When they dry farmed, they’d only farm it every other year and they’d plough it and try and conserve what moisture they could for the next year. And then they’d only get … maybe 20 bushels (which) would be a huge drop for some dry farm country per acre. There wasn’t much profit. It must have been a tough go.”
(From the “West Layton/Layton 2nd Wards 1985-1995” history book.)