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3509 - No Smoking Policy


By virtue of State law, it has been determined that tobacco smoke, or smoke from any other plant, in enclosed places is harmful to the health of non-smokers, and therefore, the regulation of smoking in public places is necessary to protect the health, safety, welfare, comfort and environment of nonsmokers. It has, likewise, been determined that smoking in Layton City buildings and facilities will have an adverse effect on the health and productivity of City employees.

Pursuant to this, Layton City hereby declares all City buildings and facilities as "no smoking" areas. City employees and non-employees shall not smoke inside any of the City's buildings or facilities.

The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act of 1995 further prohibits smoking, using other heated tobacco devices, and the use of electronic cigarettes within 25 feet of an entrance, exit, air intake or window which can be opened.  Electronic cigarettes may not be used inside of buildings.

Smoking, using other heated tobacco devices, and the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted in City vehicles.

For more information on the Utah Clean Air Act contact the Davis County Health Department at (801) 451-3296, or the Bureau of Environmental Services, Utah Department of Health (801) 538-6856.


Department directors should enforce the "no smoking" policy and violators should be handled according to the disciplinary procedures set forth for City personnel. Signs should be posted indicating that there is no smoking allowed in the building.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Amended, 12/9/1993, Previous Policy,
Amended, 2/12/1996, Previous Policy,
Minor Edit, 1/6/2004
Amended, 4/1/2013, Previous Policy 3509
Amended, 3/20/2014, Previous Policy 3509